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List of current Suppliers
To save users from the task of formatting all their supplier files in the correct format, before being able to take advantage of the time saving benefits of Master Quote, we have been working with a number of suppliers who that already have their price files in the correct format.


1. Acro-Bag (Distributed by Apec Trading Pty Ltd)

2. BenJac Promotions

3. Bic Graphic Australia

4. Caprina

5. Carbine Collections

6. Comfort Uniforms

7. Decor Promotional Products

8. E-Patch

9. Epicentre Trading

10. Fashion Biz

11. Frost Promotional

12. Garment Printers Australia

13. Gondwana Watches

14. Hagemeyer Lifestyle Brands Corporation

15. Headwear Stockists

16. Kootex International Pty Ltd

17. Logo-Line Australia

18. MK Promotions

19. Premier Luggage (PromoBagsOnline)

20. Pride Leather Products

21. Promax Promotions

22. PromoPen

23. Sequoia Enterprises

24. Specialty Resources

25. T-Shirt Corporation

To review the feature of Master Quote download a Pack N Go PowerPoint Presentation of the Program
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Template for preparing price files for import into Master Quote
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Demo version of Master Quote, if you have Microsoft Access 97 or 2000, alternatively contact our friendly staff :-
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** Beat the Price Rise **

Due to the increased costs incurred to incorporate features for the Promotional industry there will be a price increase to $1320.00 incl. GST.

However if you purchase your copy before 15th July, 2011 you will save $440.00 incl. GST.

Purchase Master Quote before the 15th July, 2011 for $880.00 incl. GST

Thatís a Saving of $440.00 incl. GST

Click here to Download Order Form valid to 14th July 2007

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We have sourced a free PDF program to enable easy e-mail of your quotes,

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